Enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities

Enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities

Jewish Union Foundation (JUF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. Through its numerous programs such as Vocational Training, Day Habilitation, Medicaid Service Coordination or Community Habilitation, JUF uses an individualized approach to help each person maximize their potential.

Changing Lives

Before coming to Jewish Union Foundation, Eli was asked to leave multiple programs and I was worried that there was not going to be a right fit. Despite knowing that Eli was having many difficulties, JUF accepted him and helped him achieve his goals. He is currently working at a job JUF found for him and is an altogether different person. JUF helped shape him into the great young man he is today!

Ruth Finkelstein Parent

How We Help

Day Habilitation

Jewish Union Foundation’s Day Habilitation Without Walls provides an individualized program to adults with developmental disabilities. Caring and dedicated staff work with each individual to facilitate growth and independence. Through a wide range of creative programs and activities, the individuals develop the skills they need to achieve success and...

Community Habilitation

In Jewish Union Foundation’s Community Habilitation program, staff members work one-on-one with individuals to facilitate community inclusion and work towards achieving personal goals. Together with the individual’s family, Jewish Union Foundation helps recruit a Community Habilitation worker who meets the family’s needs and monitor the individual’s growth and progress...

Medicaid Service Coordination

Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) is a program designed to assist people with Development Disabilities and their families in gaining access to services and support appropriate to their needs. Jewish Union Foundation’s MSC program is facilitated by qualified service coordinators...

Individual Support and Services

Individual Supports and Services (ISS) is a program that provides a housing subsidy to individuals with developmental disabilities who are able to live with relative independence. Community Habilitation goes hand-in-hand with the ISS service in order to help individuals...

Vocational Services

Jewish Union Foundation recognizes the value that having a job has on the life of every person. JUF strives to provide quality vocational services that help the individuals in their quest for employment. This includes, but is not limited...