Vocational Services

Jewish Union Foundation recognizes the value that having a job has on the life of every person. JUF strives to provide quality vocational services that help the individuals in their quest for employment. This includes, but is not limited to resume writing, interview skills, and job coaching. JUF helps people discover their passions, play to their strengths, and help each person develop skills that will assist them in getting jobs in a competitive work environment.

The vocational staff composes a comprehensive vocational plan to help each person achieve their goal of employment. This includes a job developer, who cultivates relationships with employers from various industries in order to place individuals in a wide array of jobs.

JUF provides ongoing support for individuals who are already employed (Supported Employment), as well as job discovery for those looking to get a job and discover what kind of employment they are interested in (Pathway to Employment).

The vocational department works with people who are eligible for services through Medicaid Waiver and ACCES-VR.

Vocational Services are currently provided in Brooklyn, Long Island and Manhattan.

For more information please contact Ilana Rosenbaum at 212-613-8320 or email her at RosenbaumI@ou.org.